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We understand that time is your most valuable resource.

Your financial plan requires a holistic approach, including intangible aspects such as emotional and spiritual issues. While most other wealth firms focus on high-net-worth, our ideal client additionally has a philanthropic disposition.

Combining our professional and personal life experiences, we offer our clients the compassion of a counselor, the sharpness of a coach, and the tenacity of an entrepreneur, along with the expertise of a seasoned financial professional.

Financial Planning

Managing your money involves more than simply making and following a budget. Our holistic approach combines all the components of financial success into a plan made for you.

We’ve been serving ultra high net worth clients for decades and there are very few challenges we haven’t seen or solved. With our extensive experience, we fully understand your unique needs and visions and develop customized financial planning solutions to match.

As life changes and evolves, effective wealth planning requires diligent management, the highest fiduciary standards of service, and proactive support.

We approach your financial planning needs thoughtfully and collaboratively to ensure a comprehensive plan.

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Investment Management

We are not CPA’s, which is good. Our goal is for our clients to pay the least amount of tax possible in their lifetime, not just per year.

It’s not impossible to build long-term wealth without paying attention to taxes. But taxes can be considered a filter on how much wealth you accumulate. The amount of wealth that gets filtered away is a direct reflection of how tax-efficient your finances are.

If you find yourself wondering why your tax advice and financial advice are disjointed, you’re not alone. And truth be told, it probably isn’t your accountant’s job to start giving you investment advice, particularly if they are not licensed to do so.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement is one of the most important milestones in life and requires diligent planning and preparation. 

Together, we can help you answer questions about your retirement planning like:

  • When can I afford to retire?
  • How will I be able to afford my hobbies and passions in retirement?
  • How can I protect my family when I’m gone?
  • How can I leave a lasting legacy for my children or grandchildren?
  • How should I budget for rising health care costs?
  • Am I getting the most out of my retirement plan?
  • My spouse passed away, how do I manage my finances?

Our advice-based relationships are built around communication, transparency, and care. Contact us today to get started.

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Life Transitions 

Many of our clients have been with us for generations and because of this, we have seen them through countless life milestones, from growing their family to buying new homes, to retiring happily and passing their wealth down to the next generation. We are passionate about multi-generational planning and working with the children and grandchildren of our clients.

Life is full of many ups and downs and as your financial advisor, we are here to guide you every step of the way. We do more than just manage your assets, we serve as your personal CFO and help you grow, maintain, and distribute your wealth.

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Business Consulting

At Kairos Private Wealth, we handle the full array of financial planning and wealth management needs for small business owners. Whether it’s managing cash flow, establishing the most optimal tax planning strategies, or setting up tax-effective retirement plans for you and your employees, we have the experience to help protect and grow your business and manage its assets. We work with self-employed independent business professionals, family businesses, married business partners, and professionals with a side income.

We are a full-service financial planning firm that can address both personal and business financial planning. Contact us today to learn more.

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Tax Strategy 

We have decades of experience providing sound tax advice and strategies for individuals and small businesses. We have built our practice around our incredibly unique planning style because it’s extensive and custom-made for every client. We aren’t CPAs, but we come up with creative tax strategies that CPAs don’t. With this focus on both financial and tax planning, we are able to look at your full picture and make tax-efficient recommendations according to your short and long-term goals.

Your tax and financial planning should go hand-in-hand and you deserve to work with an advisor who truly understands your situation. We provide a flexible, collaborative approach and tie together all aspects of your financial picture.

We help our clients achieve their financial goals in a tax-effective way. Contact us today to get started.

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